• George Oliver

From launch to LBF in three months

Three months on from our formation and there we are on the participant list at Leicester Business Festival. We didn’t have a logo until last month. Now we are there - right next to Everards.

We are grateful to our co-host Rory Palmer, who will be using his vast experience and knowledge of public policy to steer our event through some of the ideas emerging from the city’s Build Back Better project.

The title of the event is ‘The Best of Building Back Better: Crisis Thinking to Policy Change - and What it Means for Leicester Business’. Its aim is to discuss some of the ideas emerging from the project of the same name.

And we have an authoritative panel to help us navigate.

We will be talking to Mark Charlton, associate director of public engagement at festival sponsor De Montfort University, about the origins of the project, what he has learned from it so far and what comes next.

Meanwhile, Jenny Cross, the Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland area lead for the Federation of Small Business, will describe what has caught her eye in relation to opportunities for local business.

Finally, we are delighted to be joined by Professor Ivan Browne, the director of public health at Leicester City Council, as we consider how the public policy of the city of the future might benefit from some of the ideas which are emerging.

Of course, we are in a rapidly changing situation. Therefore, we will not be planning too much in advance and will also be making time to take questions from our audience. Attendees will be invited to contribute their own thoughts about the strategic options for the city of the future - and the role of business within it.

The LBF organisers are sending us the list of attendees as further people sign up. We will contact them by email soon. We are sure that they will all have a view as well. 

All told, it promises to be an interesting hour of ideas. Rory and George are looking forward to seeing you at 12.30pm on November 10. If you have yet to reserve a place you can do so here.

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