Outsourcing local government PR? Here's how we can help

George Oliver

Dec 21


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1284 has a brochure specifically for public sector clients. You can read it here.

East Midlands councils continue working to strengthen stakeholder engagement, boost public participation, and effectively communicate policy.

However, as with many sectors, procurement officers and comms managers remain under significant pressure to ensure objectives are met in a cost-effective manner.

One option is to outsource to an experienced agency PR functions for liaising with residents, businesses, and other stakeholders.

A trusted partner which is familiar with the regional political landscape may be a useful option.

About 1284

1284 is an award-winning Leicestershire corporate communications agency.

We have decades of experience working alongside councils, universities, housing associations, and other partners throughout the East Midlands.

Our services include PR campaigns, media relations, and stakeholder engagement. Our campaigns include:

  • Generating responses during district-wide public consultation
  • Staging G2B business engagement events
  • Managing media campaigns to build public awareness
  • Writing and designing annual reports, business plans and more.

We take a strategic approach, informed by our combined 50+ years spent in senior regional newsroom roles.

It means we are familiar with operating in political and public-facing settings - a useful option for our council and other local authority clients.

1284 delivered a 5-year impact report for the Leicestershire Careers Hub. More here.


Pricing is inevitably a key consideration and 1284's brochure provides examples of rates for different types of projects.

This can be incredibly helpful when trying to compare different agencies and determine which one offers the best value for money.

Additionally, our brochure provides insight into our expertise in areas such as media relations and stakeholder engagement.

This can help you determine whether we are the right fit for your council's own particular needs.

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1284 has experience working with many different East Midlands councils, housing associations, universities, and other partners.

We have also led or supported multi-agency comms groups for Government backed programmes as varied as Town Deal, Growth Hub, and Create Growth.

This demonstrates our ability to work with stakeholders throughout a specific geographic region.

It also makes us aware of the particular challenges and opportunities faced by local authorities in our area.

Our newsroom experience equips us with experience of working with multiple stakeholder groups - often with conflicting interests.

1284 supported Charnwood BC with its Local Plan consultation. More here.


Providing public services is a trusted position. We take that seriously.

As well as our deep regional media experience, we are qualified to the highest professional standard as PR professionals.

Both managing director George Oliver and account director Amy Orton are CIPR Chartered Practitioners - among only a few dozen in the Midlands region.

1284 adheres to the CIPR Code of Conduct and its professional standards panel.

We also have extensive postgraduate qualifications in journalism, public affairs, strategic management and more.

1284 developed the Innovative Leicestershire brand for the LLEP. More here.


1284 takes a deep interest in productive PR - campaigns that run efficiently and purposefully and deliver useful outputs.

We do not use AVE figures and other such measures.

Instead we use the Government Communications Service's OASIS framework for all of our campaigns.

That means we build in KPIs and benchmarks from the outset of your tailored - and regularly report back on progress.


As a small business ourselves, we are aware of the importance of selecting the right partner for your project.

1284 is an industry award-winning corporate communications agency offering you a range of services, including PR campaigns, media relations, and stakeholder engagement.

The brochure offers a fuller understanding of our expertise, the types of projects we have completed, and our approach to campaign planning and measurement.

This can help you determine whether we are the right PR agency for your council's specific needs and goals.

Please don't hesitate to email us if you would prefer a print copy sending to your offices.

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