1284 hosts fireside chat with fintech startup Predictiva

George Oliver

Feb 25


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It’s always easier when the interviewee has a story to tell - and startup founder Ashraf Attia has a story to tell.

It’s phenomenal what the CEO of Predictiva has achieved with co-founder Maysara Hammouda in a few short years.

When I used to interview people as a journalist it was always better when the story just told itself.

That’s what happened at Leicester Innovation Hub this week.

George Oliver and Ashraf Attia at the University of Leicester

In my role as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at University of Leicester Business School, I was invited to have a fireside chat about Predictiva.

We learned how the idea for Predictiva’s complex and highly sophisticated AI fintech technology was formed, developed, and is now being licensed globally for significant sums of money.

We followed the vision through verification, implementation, funding, and customer acquisition.

The conversation concluded with what happens next for the artificial intelligence technologies and algorithms powering a disruptive fintech product.

Dozens attended to learn more about Predictiva's story

Ashraf touched on that but focused mostly on the journey to get here - reminding everyone of how founding an innovative company isn’t just a matter of turning up and waiting to become a millionaire.

He described the process behind major decision-making including taking a second Master’s, relocating family to Leicester, and leaving a role with a leading global tech company to start his own company.

Some really insightful questions from the floor as well at the University of Leicester (which also massively helps when interviewing!)

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