1284 Newsroom monthly newsletter launches

George Oliver

May 19


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The 1284 Newsroom monthly newsletter is now live - and is reporting good initial engagement analytics with its content.

The first newsletter was issued this week to around 100 local subscribers.

The open rate within the first 48 hours was more than 50% - comfortably ahead of the PR industry average in the mid-30s.

1284 has been using its website and social media to invite people to sign up during recent weeks.

The first newsletter went out on Wednesday morning and will now be sent monthly to provide PR tips for startups, small businesses, and nonprofits.

For larger businesses, it will also feature updates and contacts for the regional media - explaining how it works and how decisions are made in modern digital newsrooms.

1284 Newsroom will also cover learnings and opportunities from the various innovation and regional development projects we are working on with clients at East Midlands councils and universities.

Our monthly newsletter updates you on

• Small business PR tips
• Regional media updates
• Local innovation & funding

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1284 Director George Oliver said: “We wanted to create an infrequent newsletter that packs in some practical value and gets opened.

“It's early days - and there's an inevitable element of novelty - but we are pleased with the response so far.

"The open rate was encouraging, but probably more interesting to us as journalists is readers' engagement with the content.

"That was good and we now have a clearer idea of what users are interested in and will be able to produce more of that type of material.

"Amy and I both have experience with with creating and editing content for newsletters with large readerships, so we will make use of that as we refine 1284 Newsroom over coming months.

"Going forward, our newsletter will run alongside 1284's existing e-book, where people can download free PR tips and essentials for getting started with media relations in the East Midlands., as well as our social media."

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