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George Oliver

Apr 22


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Are you a small business with a story to tell - but limited time to share it?

Or an East Midlands charity with lots of ideas but no budget for public relations?

1284 has launched a monthly newsletter to provide PR tips for startups, small businesses, and nonprofits.

For larger businesses, it will also feature updates and contacts for the regional media - explaining how it works and how decisions are made in modern digital newsrooms.

And the newsletter will also cover learnings and opportunities from the various innovation and regional development projects we are working on with clients at East Midlands councils and universities.

1284 Director George Oliver said: “We wanted to create an infrequent email that packs a lot in and gets opened when it lands in your inbox.

“We are now gathering registrations and will be issuing the newsletter monthly so that our audience can look forward to receiving something of quality and practical value.

"It will run alongside our existing e-book, where people can download free PR tips and essentials for getting started with media relations in the East Midlands."

Our monthly newsletter updates you on

• Small business PR tips
• Regional media updates
• Local innovation & funding

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