Why small business PR clients should choose the Chartered 500

Amy Orton

Apr 14


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Building a strong, trusted brand and reputation is key to the success of small businesses. 

There’s no secret there. It’s also no secret that Public Relations plays a fundamental role in the process. As well as crafting a positive image for your business, it helps you engage with your customers, and build your online presence.

But how do you know it will be done well?

You commission a professional with experience who has been assessed and found to uphold the highest standards in the industry.

And how do you identify them? By looking for Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Chartered PR Practitioner status.

How to get Chartered in Public Relations

Chartered PR Practitioners are about more than letters after a name on an email signature or on LinkedIn.

They, like those at 1284, are awarded the status after completing a rigorous day of testing, which is judged and marked by industry leaders.

The resignation is given based on the candidate’s ability to demonstrate knowledge and application of skills across ethics in communications, strategy and leadership.

It is the highest standard in the profession. Chartership demonstrates integrity, honesty, and responsibility. 

Assessed PR professionals for your firm

There are only 500 Chartered PR Practitioners in the UK. You can see who they are using the CIPR register.

Chartered status demonstrates a commitment to clear, concise, and consistent communications.

What’s more, it is trusted by clients and customers like you.

A report by the Professional Associations Research Network found that 71% of the public would trust a chartered practitioner more.

Meanwhile, the CIPR describes Chartered status as “demonstrating breadth of experience, strategic and leadership capabilities, and a commitment to ethical practice”.

It adds that it should be viewed as a “badge of professionalism that clients and the public understand and trust”.

Practitioners have committed to a two-year Continuing Professional Development plan - so you know that you are hiring with someone dedicated to remaining on top of their game.

George's latest CIPR Chartership certificate

Reducing risk in your PR agency selection

You will have realised during your research that there are a lot of public relations agencies and consultancies out there.

What you may not know is that the profession and the industry is ungoverned and unregulated. Anyone can set up in business - regardless of experience or knowledge.

Clearly, the vast majority of most of those operating within the sector will apply the principles of CIPR chartership.

However, how will you know your choice has gone above and beyond to have themselves assessed as a reliable and professional firm?

By choosing a Chartered PR Practitioner.

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