1284 MD celebrates 5 years as Charity Link trustee

Richard Bowyer

Feb 5


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1284 managing director George Oliver today marks five years as a trustee at Charity Link.

He was elected to the Board of the innovative Leicester-based poverty alleviation charity in February 2019.

And he serves as Chair of its Trust Administration Sub-Committee.

George also now acts us trustee of other charities which are administered by Charity Link.

Trustees are responsible for overseeing the work, management, and administration of the charities on behalf of their beneficiaries. 

At present Leicester PR agency owner George is a trustee for other, smaller charitable-based organisations:

  • Leicester Indigent Old Age Society, which provides financial assistance for older people who are in need in Leicester
  • R. Daphne Plunket Charitable Trust, which makes grants to assist local people living who are in financial need, hardship or distress
  • The Mansion Trust UK, which makes grants to individuals or organisations who are in need, hardship and distress.

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George, who set-up the small business PR agency in 2020 said: "Charity Link is a fantastic organisation, using its skill and know-how in accessing funding to turn £10 donated to £50 of value for those in need across the city and county.

"It's been around for 145 years, and is now working with 250 local charities and community organisations, in order to get help to those who need it, when they need it.

"It's an innovative way of working – unlocking funds from charitable trusts – and it means we make the money people entrust to us work harder for our communities."

In December George was also appointed to the Board of the East Midlands Chamber - the UK's largest chamber of commerce.

1284 was founded in 2020 and is based in Leicester and Loughborough.

It provides award-winning public relations and corporate communications for innovative people and organisations throughout the East Midlands.

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