Does your PR agency have useful tacit knowledge?

Amy Orton

Apr 22


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There’s no certificate that evidences tacit knowledge. There’s no piece of paper or qualification that measures its value. 

Tacit knowledge are the loose skills, insights, and experiences that are gained from doing.

It is unwritten. It’s unspoken. It’s also often second nature to those who possess it in the subject where their insight lies. 

It’s often said in business that “it’s not what you know - it’s who you know.” Tacit knowledge is who you know, what you know, and much more.

In terms of the East Midlands local media landscape, 1284 has been there and done it. And this makes for useful tacit knowledge for you.

Our East Midlands media experience

As well as being CIPR Chartered practitioners, our core team are trained journalists with around 30 years of regional media experience

If you add in the newsroom leaders who join us to work on selected projects, you can treble that figure.

We have 100+ years in the trade between us, leading across a string of big regional titles across the Midlands and North of England.

So what does it mean? It means:

  • We know the stories people want to read
  • We know how to tell the stories people want to read.
  • We know the email subject lines that make newsdesks hit delete.
  • We know the importance of your audience’s audience.
  • We understand regional networks and how things get done.

Our tacit knowledge means that when you have a story to tell or a message to communicate that we are able to help you do it effectively.

It also means we are able to confidently advise you to save your money for something else if we think the angle is not going to get you the outcome you have in mind.

The who cares test

Always start by asking yourself who cares about what you want to say? You do, of course. 

But does anyone else? Would you tell your friends over a pint at the pub? 

Would it get the bus stop queue talking? Would your clients chat about it over a coffee?

If the answer is yes, it’s time to see who else might be interested.

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Testing the water

There’s not a whole lot of point writing a press release if it won’t be used. 

It wastes your time, agency time, and journalists’ time too. In this regard, sending out press releases for the sake of it can actually be counterproductive - both in terms of resources and in developing your media relations.

By contacting the right reporter at the right time, your story can be shared in the most impactful package for you and the broadcaster or publication you’re working with. 

Early conversations can help shape the way stories are told and the content needed to tell it. 

Building relationships

This stage is when the ‘who you know’ becomes important. If the name of someone a reporter knows and trusts flashes up on their screen, they will more likely answer. 

They will also more likely give your pitch a hearing.

1284 has strong connections with journalists and media, both news and B2B, across the East Midlands region. 

We still consider those who work at local newspapers, radio stations, websites and TV shows as colleagues. And they know that we understand what they are needing to achieve. 

They are your audience - and they know that we understand their audience.

This is tacit knowledge gained from being there, doing the job over many years. It's hugely useful. It can’t really be measured. But it matters when you are trying to get heard in your audience.

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