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Media relations from people who have led news businesses

1284's founder and associates have decades of experience in editing regional newspaper titles across the UK

Media relations is a long game. It takes time to understand how modern print, digital and broadcast journalism operates. It takes further time to build networks within media to know the right title or journalist to approach with your story. But doing so well means you can efficiently reach large numbers of people in your target audience.


One way that some PR companies work through this is to send press releases to all media. 1284 prefers a more targeted approach. We use our experience and our networks to take tailored proposals to specific journalists. We believe more effective outcomes are achieved for all through collaboration on quality content which meets the objectives of specific journalists and their titles.

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1284 spoke with Pukaar Magazine about our switch from journalism to communications


Media leadership

Our associates spent many years editing newspapers and live news websites. They also played senior roles in leading the business of news, sitting on leadership teams and serving as directors of regional media companies. They now spend time in other media-related roles, working as advisers, NEDs and as lecturers on university journalism courses.

Skills and experience

Decades of experience in senior media roles means that 1284 associates have developed skills and made thousands of real-life ethical, business and technical decisions. As editors, we have knowledge of media law and professional codes of conduct, as well as practical skills including:

  • copywriting

  • proofing

  • leader writing

  • page design

  • commissioning

As business managers we have led structural changes, internal and external partnerships, commercial collaborations, events, campaigns and public appearances. We are qualified managers and have first-hand experience of decision-making in a highly competitive industry.

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Leicester's Mayor spoke about local journalism as the city was locked down at the outset of the Pandemic

Digital media

Media, like other sectors, has changed much with the digitalisation over the last two decades. An industry which already moved quickly further accelerated to keep pace with expectations of modern audiences. 1284 associates led many digital transformation projects, from audience strategy and brand launches to tactical growth through social media, newsletters and other product implementations. Our contacts in media mean we follow developing trends in the sector.

Media networks

Working at newspapers around the country means that 1284 and its associates have developed relationships with journalists in various roles and at various titles. The nature of the profession also means that 1284 has built good networks spanning other sectors too.

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Our founder wrote about online growth and community activity at the Leicester Mercury


Can we help?

Our media and business experience, combined our qualifications and professional accreditations, means that we offer a strategic option for your corporate communications and PR.

We work with people and organisations of all sizes across the Midlands region, from graduate startups through to public authorities.

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